Darckenu(*) Israel offers a 38-day wilderness program in Israel for troubled teens guiding them to overcome emotional hardships, social issues and typical teenage behavioral challenges.
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Darckenu Israel wilderness program for troubled teens

Our way of doing things  

Conduct the program in Israel, away from your natural environment and allow you to open a new begining, while being exposed to the tradition, roots and history of the Jewish people in its promised land.
Emphasize the central role parents should play in their childrens’ lives and the importance of ‘family’ as a basis for the kind of values parents would like to equip their children with.
Darckenu Israel wilderness program for troubled teensLead your children in the Israeli desert to experience the associated physical and emotional challenges and overcome them individually and together.
Darckenu Israel Provide individual support and empathy throughout the program while setting clear boundaries and expectations.
Darckenu Israel
Darckenu Israel

Our program

The young adults who walk the Darckenu trail face a series of physical and emotional challenges throughout their journey, and are guided to success with our consistent instruction and presence.
We teach, comfort and motivate them to explore their inner strength and develop sufficient confidence in their abilities. In the process, we gently steer them to discover their own abilities to make valuable choices and reinforce their self image. Parents are categorically an integrated part of this process.
Darckenu Israel
Darckenu Israel

Our team

Lead by Irit Abir, Shaul Abir and Einat Tzuk, professionals with extensive experience in training, counseling and education programs with youth at risk, Darckenu Israel trail guides are all young Israelis with a sense of a mission and purpose. Their past service in the Israeli Defense Forces, as commanders in a variety of elite units, is part of what defines their endless motivation to work with adolescence towards desired goals.
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